Porsche Cayenne propshaft information

There are only 2 lengths of shaft. Your shaft's length can be determined easily by easily measuring the shorter section of the shaft between the inside edge of the bearing to the inside edge of the rear mounting spider. This measurment needs to be done once the shaft has been removed from the vehicle. Please see the images below for reference and how to measure.

SHORT SHAFT: 22CM from inside edge of bearnig to inside edge of rear spider.
LONG SHAFT: 27CM from inside edge of bearing to inside edge of rear spider.

Porsche Cayenne Propshaft Replacement Bearing - short shaft

Porsche Cayenne Propshaft Replacement Bearing - long shaft

At CCM we are experts in Porsche Cayenne propshafts.

The Porsche Cayenne, VW Touareg and the Audi Q7 were a joint venture by the Volkswagen Group to build an off road sports utility vehicle. Obviously the more popular of the three is the VW Touareg this is due to the VW being the more affordable vehicle both new and in the second hand market. Each vehicle has its own particular styling and engines but fundamentally they have the same driveline, hence the same propshaft.

History of why Porsche Cayenne Propshafts fail?

We first started to see these propshafts for repair in 2008. Some of the vehicles had as little as 50,000 miles on the clock before the propshaft failed. This, as we are sure you’ll agree isn’t very good for a vehicle of this age or marque. Back in 2008 it was hard to source anything other than a complete shaft and we reluctantly fitted a few complete shafts for some of our customers, we then spent some time finding out where the original parts were manufactured and managed to find a supply, the fault was common and the parts were now available from the same factory that manufacturers parts are supplied (GKN).

It is fair to say then that the fault is standard to the Cayenne, Q7 and Touareg, and that the manufacturers had made a part that was pretty good, but just fell short of the longevity that most owners would desire. The problem is that carrier bearing simply is not man enough for its application and gives up at normally to 50 - 70,000 mile stage.

Solving the Porsche Cayenne Broken Propshaft Issue

The repair is a well trodden path for us as we have seen so very many of this vehicles, but beware this is a specialist area and you do not want just anyone dismantling your shaft.

We have in stock re-manufactured exchange propshafts for all Porsche Cayenne models at our Rusper depot - map here - and can fit them while you wait in most cases.

If you would like any more information then please give us a call.

Common Porsche Cayenne part numbers are

  • 955.421.020.13
  • 955.421.020.15
  • 7LO 521 102 B/D/G/H/M/N
  • 7L6 521 102 G/J/M/P
  • 7L6 521 102 B/C/D/E/F/H/N/Q

If you are unsure on the part number you can download and fill in a Touareg/Cayenne Tech sheet with lengths from our website and send it to us.

So get in touch with us today at CCM and let us take care of your Porsche Cayenne propshaft. All our work is fully guaranteed and we've been in business for nearly 20 years giving you complete peace of mind.

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